Irresistible District as seen by Sampo Reponen

More pictures about Irresistible District by Sampo Reponen, check out the set at Flickr:

Irresistible District as seen by Ossi Kajas

More pictures about Irresistible District by Ossi Kajas, check them out at his site:

Happened so far

Now the game is over, but the event is not over yet. Stay tuned for more information. Thanks to anyone who participated to Irresistible District.

Friday 21st of August

Saturday 22nd of August

Sunday 23rd of August

Installations at Irresistible District

Pre-festival teaser: Roi Vaara

How great thou art!

Thank you boys!

Irresistible District space designed by Jalostamo. Antti Kirjalainen and David Brock created the best solutions for the showcase and they didn’t loose their smile even after 12 hours of hard work. Thank you boys, you are irresistibles!



Pre-festival teaser: Dhanya Pilo



Dhanya Pilo a.k.a DeCOY is a visual jockey who uses her film making and photographic skills to create images of India that are evocative, personal and compelling. She is happiest while creating visual sequences spontaneously, while seeking a connection with the music and DJ. Dark, happy and calm, Decoy works as a film maker, designer and a visual artist from her studio in Mumbai, the teeming hub of India’s artistic and film community.


Pre-festival teaser: Patricia Aragón


Audio: Neboa, 2009

If you build it, they will come…



Pre-festival teaser: TransFluxCollective

Mix and remix, and mix it again. Something you do really want to mix.

One day to go!

Tomorrow shall be the start of something new…

ID Poster


Don’t forget to take some cash with you, as the restaurant only accepts cash. Sorry for any inconvenience!

Important information

In the restaurant you can only pay with cash. / Ravintolassa ainoa maksuväline on käteinen.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Pre-festival teaser: Oliver Whitehead

“The military images which I finally made in the city streets were internationally a subtle but unnerving reminder of something that is continuously going on at ground level; we make the weapons. People who make decisions about the defence industry live among us, even here in Helsinki.” – Oliver Whitehead



Pre-festival teaser: Eye Level

Friday to Sunday: Eye Level exhibition

Eye Level brings together the work of artists and architects Adrian Blackwell, Stefan Canham, Rufina Wu and Ossi Kajas whose recent work critically engages with representations of informally organized and contested places. The exhibition considers the way that photography and representative practices are used to create new opportunities for understanding these spaces beyond conventional planning or development visions, and how local uses and desires can be articulated.

Sunday 16:30/19:30: Eye Level panel discussion

The discussion will consider how photography and other forms of representation articulate the subtle interrelation of people and the environments they inhabit, and to what aim.


Pre-festival teaser: Nu Transit

Both time and space are fundamental for Nu Transit. The act of moving, composed by all the single movements, each single movement, each single moment, all the moments, the act of passing through time. Einstein himself would have loved them. Wouldn’t you?

Pre-festival teaser: David O’Reilly

“For the purposes of talking about animation, aesthetics are simply any of the elements that make up the world of a film, the building blocks of images and sounds.”

David O’Reilly’s innovative short movies break conventions, play with rules, confuse and illuse: a bit of pure cinema, pure cinema on a bit. His images and sounds are made of digital blocks, each and everyone aiming at the beauty of being seen. For once, look back as a child at the adventures of a strange cat with eight legs searching for his parents.