Antti Tenetz

Antti Tenetz is equal parts artist and naturalist. He has filmed throughout the North, from the Ice Sea to Siberia, and as far south as South Thailand and Greece. His field recordings are the primary media source for science institutions in Finland, including the Arctic Centre, Science Center, and University of Lapland. Tenetz has contributed multimedia to science exhibitions ranging in subject from arctic reindeer herders to glacial movements.

His interactive installations have exhibited in the Kuusankoskitalo Gallery of Finland, the Rovaniemen Art Museum (Ars Arctica), Pan-Barentz exhibition 2009-2010 Norway, Russia, Finland .

Group exhibitions: Lightwave, Group The Grafting Parlour: Science Gallery, Dublin 2009; e-MobilArt Exhibition, Group exhibiton, State Museum of Contemporary Art, Thessaloniki, Greece May 2009.

Winner of three Finish national snow sculpting championship prizes (1997, 2003, 2005), Tenetz personifies a melding of the artistic and arctic.

Homepage: The Grafting Parlour

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