DELACREW is a band with only one aim: to innovate and explore. They experiment with a range of styles —Drum & Bass, Downtempo, Breakbeat, Jungle — mixed with video to create an explosive and powerful live set.A collaboration of Redribbon and Softless crews formed in Spain in 2004, DELACREW spend their time creating both video & audio tracks and performing live drum and bass sets worldwide.

In 2006 DELACREW began experimenting with video, generating a mix of visuals with their experimental musical style to spectacular effect. They also extended their scope, engaging in graphic design multimedia conferences and video-clip postproduction.

DELACREW’s trademark style of futuristic and urban audiovisual performances inflicts a shocking, intoxicating effect on all who experience them.

To date, they have had two releases with the underground Drum & Bass labels Mushcore Recordings (HUN) and FUCKTR XIII Recordings (ESP).

In recent years DELACREW have shared the stage with such renowned produces and DJs as Noisia, DJ Phantasy, Concord Dawn, Phace, Spor, Black Sun Empire, Pendulum, DJ Hype, Aphrodite, Total Science, Technical Intch, and many more…

DELACREW joined forces with Science of Sounds (SOS) in 2007, representing the Drum & Bass side of this versatile and fresh collective. This union kicked off with the ‘Electro Reality Tour’ in Manila, continuing in Guangzhou, Shanghai and Beijing—the home of SOS.



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