Pauliina Jokela

Pauliina Jokela. Born 1975, visual artist. Graduated in 2004 from the Fine Arts Department of South Carelia Polytechnic, making sculptors and illustrations. Lives and works in Helsinki, Finland.

“I work mainly with paper-maché, wire net, and with some random old or recycled things. I am interested in the idea of making some seemingly cheap and insignificant material look something totally different in a ready piece of art. My art is about small moments, phrases, feelings, and remembrances that have a weird intensity leaving a strong trace in the mind. Those flashes of moments that I seek in my work are expressed best in animal figures. It is about seeing animality — the characteristics of an animal — in humanity, and not the other way around. The figures are easy to approach and identify with but at the same time the depicted animality leaves some questions open.”


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