Roi Vaara

Roi Vaara was born in 1953 in Moss, Norway. He studied at the University of Industrial Arts, Helsinki, 1972-75, and did art research at Jyväskylä University 1976-77. He moved to Stockholm in 1977 for three years. First exhibition – drawings and paintings – 1978. In 1980, he joined the Ö-group: installations and actions. Since 1982, conceptual, absurd and humorous performances. Roi Vaara was one of the founders and for many years a member of the board of the intermedia art association Muu in Helsinki. Roi Vaara is the internationally best known performance artist in Scandinavia. His work emphasises an aesthetic discourse between the artwork and its specific place or situation, rejecting the objectification of art destined for a vacuum. So far, Vaara has carried out about 300 unique performances. His work has been presented at some 200 international exhibitions/festivals in more than 30 countries. He has exhibited throughout Europe, as well as in Canada, Mexico, the USA, South Korea, Thailand, China, Cuba and Japan. Vaara worked for Künstlerhaus Bethanien’s International Atelierprogramm in Berlin 1997-1998.



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