Pre-festival teaser: Random Doctors

Oh, goodie!

More candy for the eyes at the Irresistible District. Random Doctors, love to have you around!



Pre-festival teaser: Valovirhee

It’s been 40 years since Woodstock this month, but some things haven’t changed. If you’ve seen lightshows from that era, you know what to expect and you know it’s good – and good things don’t die. Valovirhee is a good example of that, as they are heavily influenced by the more traditional lightshows and at the same time expand it to something new.

Pre-festival teaser: Pauliina Jokela

Pauliina Jokela is one of our up and coming artist from Helsinki, Finland. She’s a sculptor with a distictive style and successfully combines recycled materials to create things of beauty. We’re glad to portrait her work over in Irresistible District during our weekend in Suvilahti.


Synnit ("Sins"), a seven piece set of sculptures by Pauliina Jokela

Pre-festival teaser: Boom Blaster

Irresistible District is proud to present Aleksi Perälä, internationally famous on seminal Rephlex. During Night of the Art, on Friday the 21st of August, you will enjoy his latest personal approach to electronical music, his caustic Boom Blaster style.

Pre-festival teaser: Lackluster

Although Lackluster aka Esa Ruoho can’t probably be called the grandfather, father or uncle of Finnish electronic music, there’s no doubt that the prolific artist has had a major impact on Finnish IDM scene. He has been producing mind-altering electronic music ranging from avantgarde mic scratching sessions to chiptunes, ambient, IDM, downtempo and far beyond.

So, it’s truly our pleasure to announce that Lackluster will be playing at Irresistible District during our little get-together in August.

Meanwhile, you can check out Esa’s website at, where you will find tons of stuff, for free and also for sale.